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The Secret the Creating Loyalty: understanding your employee’s hopes and dreams

The most impactful thing any leader can do to drive success for their organization is deeply understand their employee’s motivations, passions and interests.

Ask questions...often. Listen...intently. Probe and reflect back to deepen thinking. 

  • What parts of the job do they enjoy most and why?

  • What areas would they like additional exposure or responsibility?

  • What organizational gaps do they see where they believe they can add value?

  • How can you personally support their growth?

Once you understand their aspirations, tailor the projects you give, the introductions you make and the experiences you provide. If their interests lie in an area they aren’t ready to take on yet, allow them to shadow or talk through upcoming decisions/current challenges to provide exposure. Ask questions along the way to help them connect the dots and encourage continuous learning. Celebrate successes. Build their confidence. Talk through their fears, too. Discuss progress frequently to confirm you are both on the right track. 

Having these conversations takes time and requires slowing down, but results in more committed employees who feel valued and give their all. Helping someone else’s dreams come true also happens to be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. 

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